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Krishna Sudha Dhungana

Singer, Lamjung

Krishna Sudha Dhungana, a well-known folk singer and songwriter, is a former Member of the Nepal Academy of Music and Drama. He was born on February 20, 1960, and raised in Duradanda, Lamjung, Nepal which is also the birthplace of famous singers Deu Bahadur Dura, Bima Kumari Dura, Krishna Gurung, and Ramesh Pariyar.

One of six siblings raised by a widowed mother in Duradada, Lamjung, Krishna Sudha found his voice by singing in Rodhi Ghar in his village and later started his career by singing on Radio Nepal.   

Taking the Nepali music industry by storm, he made several consecutive hits from his debut single, “Chandi ko Mohor” which is his first official studio album, followed by “Gaiko Charana” and “Rato Gham”. Sudha’s songs are reflexive of the rural lifestyle. ‘Paanko Paat’…, ‘Dhaan Jhuleko Chha…’, ‘Dui Baje Ratima…’ ‘Rani Ghataima…’ are some of the famous songs, which are voiced by him. Krishna Sudha Dhungana is regarded as a famous folk songwriter and lyricist as well. More than 2 dozen solo albums and 3 dozen split albums have been released by him which contains a couple of hundred songs.

Not only does he give fantastic performances that captivate the viewers and listeners, but he has a pure and beautiful voice that suits all kinds of music genres such as folks, lok dohori, and dance ballads. And this placed him at the top of the list of artists that other artists want to invite to feature in their music.

Krishna Sudha has recorded collabs with various artists including Lok Bahadur Chhetri, Prem Raja Mahat, Bom Bahadur Karki, Sabitri Shah, Bima Kumari Dura, and Bimal Raj Chhetri, among others.

Moreover, he is active in various areas such as writing lyrics, participating in the original soundtracks of many popular folk songs, and releasing numerous songs for different artists such as Bimal Raj Chhetri, Bima Kumari Dura, Raju Pariyar, and others.


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